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Keystone Workhorse

With integrated features including teleradiology, reporting, study scheduling and seamless offsite data access, Asteris Workhorse is not just an image viewer, it is the ultimate diagnostic utility. Built specifically for veterinary practitioners and radiologists, Workhorse simplifies radiology-related tasks from patient check-in to diagnosis to check-out.


Share:  Send images to radiologists, RDVMs, and pet
owners through the internet or by burning CDs.
Import:  Transfer DICOM and non-DICOM images
from CDs and other portable media.
Schedule:  Create and monitor exams, eliminating
duplicate data entry and streamlining workflow.
DICOM Modality Worklist features are supported.
Search:  Find studies quickly with simplified filters.
View:  Diagnose with a comprehensive image viewer.
Manipulation tools include Window/Level, Area and
Image Zoom, Rotation, and MRI reference lines.
Annotate:  Mark points of interest with savable
annotations, measurements, and manipulations.
Diagnose:  Send and track consultation requests
including image data, notes, and history. View request responses and status.
Report:  Create reports while viewing images or after diagnosis. Auto-
Populated fields streamline workflow. Supports voice dictation software.
Integrate:  Search and retrieve images from DICOM PACS or viewing stations.
Connect:  Retrieve and save data at the practice or away. When integrated
with Keystone PACS, Workhorse automatically determines the data server.

The success of your clinic is vital to the success of our company. We achieve this by providing quality services backed with unrivaled technical support. Asteris employs a first-tier technical support help desk, available 24/7/365. Issues regarding all including hardware and software are addressed on a personal level; calls are not transferred to other departments or to third-party companies.

Asteris Keystone Workhorse –
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